About the Artist

Hi! My name is Laura and I am the artist who powers L E Fowler Studio. 

I’ve had many creative pursuits to this point and each of them has informed this project. Watercolor, oil painting, photo realistic drawing with graphite and charcoal, throwing pottery, metalworking, photography … I’ve dabbled in a lot of mediums and I have the supply collection to prove it! In 2007, I taught myself to work with sterling and fine silver and enjoyed the process of creating wearable art. Rediscovering my love of jewelry making with polymer clay has been exciting and the process of creating has been therapeutic. There’s something about the hands-on, physicality of working with clay that helps to reground me.

I’m an east coaster who currently resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with my two feline roommates. When I’m not making earrings, you can find me working my day job (Human Resources) or reading about astrology. I enjoy traveling, taking nature walks, live music, going to see movies, finding gluten free food, cheering for my local sports teams, and of course - finding new creative outlets!

My social media links are at the bottom of this page. Please say hello and tag me in photos of you and your people wearing my art. I love to see it! Thank you, so very much, for your support.